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Hika Ryoujoku: Wana ni Hamatta Futari Episode 1


hika ryoujoku wana ni hamatta futari 1

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Release Date

January 17, 2003

Upload Date

December 28, 2019

Alternate Titles

Hika Ryoujoku: The Lust of Shame Hika Ryoujoku: Wana ni Hamatta Futari Lust of Shame 悲花陵辱~罠にはまった義兄妹(ふたり)~ 비화능욕

Feeble Shinichi feels affection towards his new stepsister, Megumi. However, he isn't the only who fancies Megumi, for a delinquent duo desires something of her as well. Therefore Shinichi finds himself stealing Megumi's panties and recording lewd footage of her for the bullies. Only to discover it isn't enough...