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Ichigo Chocola Flavor Episode 2


ichigo chocola flavor 2


Queen Bee

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Release Date

August 24, 2017

Upload Date

August 29, 2017

Alternate Titles

Ichigo Chocola Flavor Strawberry Chocolate Flavor いちごショコラふれーばー 딸기 쇼콜라 맛

"I'm Not a Virgin!"
Thanks to her peers at school, Tooyama Haruka thinks her being a virgin is the reason she's unpopular. She decides to make a change and posts on a dating site's message board, "Please take my virginity!" When Haruka arrives at the place she specified, there are more men than she could ever imagine! She has sex for her first time and thoroughly enjoys it. She ends up not sleeping that night, instead having sex with reckless abandon with everyone present.

"Look at Me"
The landlord's daughter, Kanata Haruno, is very shy. She can't keep a conversation with her classmates. The landlord wants to help her, so she asks one of the apartment's residents, Nakada Shin, if he'll try being her daughter's counselor. Latching onto Haruno's fear of having others look at her, he tries to help her by using exposure therapy. He has her change into an erotic costume and begins devouring her with his eyes. From only a few minutes of Nakada's gaze, Haruno has an orgasm. That's right, being watched turns her on! Maybe getting used to the most embarrassing thing she knows of, having sex, will help her!