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Inma Daitoshi Episode 1


inma daitoshi 1

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Release Date

May 23, 1996

Upload Date

January 29, 2018

Alternate Titles

Beast City Inma Daitoshi Inma Daitoshi: Beast City Sex Demon Metropolis Η Bασίλισσα της Nύχτας 淫魔大都市 BEAST CITY 음마 대도시

In the violent city of Tokyo, Man and Beast battle for survival as the demonic Beasts strive to seduce and enslave every woman that crosses their paths. Born into a family of vampires, 19-year-old Mina has vowed to hunt-down and destroy all of the sex-starved Beasts. Together with her friends and her Beast-Hunter Sword, Mina must track-down a human-formed Beast that has infiltrated her college.

A new woman has appeared at 19-year-old Beast Hunter Mina's college. She appears to be the daughter of a wealthy industrialist, but deep within her lurks an evil unseen by human eyes. She seduces and destroys every male she comes across. But when she targets one of Mina's friends, she's gone too far...