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Inmu 2 Episode 2


inmu 2 ep 2

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Inmu 2

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Release Date

June 21, 2001

Upload Date

April 11, 2020

Alternate Titles

Inmu 2 Inmu 2: Flesh Dreams Sueños Húmedos 2 Vices Profondis - vol. 2 음몽 2 淫夢2 Suenios Humedos

Filled with the energy of desire, with no place to go. Could it be the key, enticing you to the World of Shadows?

First Night "Illusion"
College girl Youri cannot make up her mind, whether to go all the way with her boyfriend. She hears a rumor that he is frequenting a massage parlor. Not only that, but the massage girl he has been seeing is said to be a dead ringer for Youri...

Second Night "Excessive Love"
A man spies on the private life of a beautiful nurse, Megumi. The man's obsessive desire wanders between delusion and reality, giving life to a mysterious being. One day, the man has a sudden heart attack and is hospitalized. He comes under Megumi's care. Finally, his wild desire explodes!