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Jitaku Keibiin Episode 4


jitaku keibiin 4

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Release Date

September 28, 2017

Upload Date

October 07, 2017

Alternate Titles

Jitaku Keibiin 自宅警備員 자택 경비원

Kareki Tsunetaka is a veteran home security officer with 20 long years of continuous experience. He's successfully extorted the weaknesses of Katsuragi Shouko, the woman who Tsunetaka's father remarried, and her two children from her previous marriage – Sayaka, the older sister, and Yuki, the younger sister.

To protect the Kareki household from being taken over by the scheming Shouko and to make the house's residents fear him, he sexually assaults them all, daily. Until the day he gets the mother and daughters to move out of the Kareki household, Tsunetaka is committed to his "duties" as a home security officer.

In the entryway, bathroom, or dining room...
In a school swimsuit, pink nurse's outfit, or bunny costume...

In that house, whenever and wherever he wants, Tsunetake makes the three bitches wear assorted costumes and repeatedly violates them. To instill even further dread in his targets, he does not grow lax with surveillance and redoubles his efforts instead. On all accounts, it seems the three women have yielded to his coercion and incessant lust. Everything is going according to plan.

However, the home security officer fails to notice the suspicious change in the way the bitches look at him.