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Kakyuusei 2: Ki Hanashi Atsumari Episode 1


kakyuusei 2 ki hanashi atsumari 1

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Release Date

March 23, 2006

Upload Date

April 28, 2019

Alternate Titles

Kakyuusei 2 (2006) Kakyuusei 2: Ki Hanashi Atsumari [Anthology] 下級生2 ~季花詞集 [Anthology]~

Childhood friends, Ryoma and Tamaki, are not just friends. Actually, they have sexual intercourse, but they're not lovers, either. One day, Tamaki gets angry with Ryoma and announces to break with him because he didn't take contraception measure while they were doing things.

However, because they belong to the same club, they have to meet. Seeing their cold attitudes, Yuri tries to make them friends again. However, she can't hide her love toward Ryoma, and confesses her love. Then, they make love, but...