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Papa Katsu! Episode 3


Papa Katsu Episode 3



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Papa Katsu

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Release Date

June 30, 2023

Upload Date

July 01, 2023

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Daring Daughter Pushed to the Brink: Scolded and Resisting, Yet Eventually Overwhelmed!”Experience the loss of innocence with the “gail fee・NUR” label, introducing girls partaking in “sugar daddy” relationships! Young beauties clad in eye-catching branded uniforms seductively invite their benefactors with tantalizing chatter, all to earn a little extra pocket money. Among these girls, a brazen virgin faces retribution for her involvement in this sugar daddy lifestyle, despite being typically very proper and well-behaved. Now, she and her newly branded sugar-daddy girls face the stern reprimands of the older men in their lives!. Papa Katsu! Episode 3Our brazen virgin, having been chastised by her ‘sugar-daddy’s’ strict hand, comes to learn the secret life of her beloved older sister. As her sister indulges in homebound sugar-daddy relationships, her brazen little sister endures never-ending education in the same illicit activities.No matter the circumstances, she’s continuously driven to the edge of ecstasy, shamelessly played with and toyed to the point of losing control. The insatiable sugar daddies don’t stop at the sister act but set their sights on the prim and proper daughter of a close friend. Yet, our audacious virgin finds herself strangely responding to these hateful men, her body growing accustomed to the relentless and indiscriminate couplings.This torment evokes her ‘Dripping Embarrassment’, a must-see as she battles with her conflicting feelings towards her loathed partners. Indulge in the ‘Bursting Maiden’ as she sees those close to her succumbing to pleasure and can’t help but overflow with desire, despite her resistance.[DVD Bonus] ● Includes ‘Real Ecstasy Ver’ menu on the DVD, where you can choose whether or not to have BGM (background music).Story: Our heroine, Tsumugi, finds herself tormented… Watching the face of her beloved sister melt in pleasure as she services the detestable ‘sugar-daddy’. Unable to even accept their mother’s marriage, let alone her sister’s involvement… and now, even herself. Faced with this shocking reality, Tsumugi is outraged and confronts the detestable man with the truth…“Your ‘discipline’ is nothing more than tyranny!”Despite her raw protest, Tsumugi finds herself once again under the sugar-daddy’s relentless hold. The defiant girl is chastised with harsh words and stirred intensely in her punishment. Despite her attempts to resist, she is smoothly evaded and slowly coaxed by his words.In her restraint, as she endures further disgrace, Tsumugi is confronted with a certain realization…