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Sweet and Hot Episode 2




Queen Bee

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Sweet and Hot

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Release Date

January 26, 2024

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January 30, 2024

Alternate Titles

Sweet and Hot 2

"Pleasant sex education''
To prevent declining birth rates and an aging population, educational institutions are adopting curricula that make sex education more practical and
eliminate biased attitudes such as disgust.
After the students gathered in the gym and did some warm-up exercises, they formed pairs and began practicing.
Takamine loses one of his partners for being selective, and only the disgusting man Mutahara is left.
She tried to finish it without inserting it, but the teacher caught her and had to give her a special instruction."The one looking through the viewfinder"
Is Chio Kasahara, the power watcher. A self-proclaimed news member who uses the bulletin board to report bad things happening inside the school.
He tries to uncover the incident based on tips from the ○○ circle on campus, but he
ends up being misled by false information.
"Chio'' is avenged by the ○○ people whose past misdeeds were exposed.
They inserted several dicks into him and photographed his perverted appearance.